10 Slightly Weird Things Girls Secretly Do For Each Other

Credit: nnpress.com
1. Adjust each other’s boobs and help you find the perfect bra.
2- Zip each other up into dresses. It’s been the most sacred bonding ritual between women since the dawn of time.
3- Check each other for period stains.
 Credit: imgur.com
4. And pluck out any stray hairs you missed while shaving.
5- Sharea toothbrush, deodorant, and underwear in an emergency. And never talk about it outside of that room.
 Credit: pixabay.com
6. Form a wall around you in public so you can sneakily pull up your tights or pick out a tricky wedgie.
Credit: rearfront.com
7- And understand when you want to text weird pointless gibberish, just to look busy. Usually in an attempt to avoid altercation with men.
8- Not judge you when you want to undo the top button of your jeans.
9- Feel your stubbly legs for you and tell you if you need to shave. And occasionally shave them for you if you need it.
10Put concealer on those hard to reach locations and scratch any itches on your back.
( via buzzfeed )