8 wondrous plants with exceptional capabilities and also special offensive

Some plants produce beautiful flowers with a good smell, some produce nutritious fruits, some have medicinal properties and some have a very strange appearance. Some plants can reach incredible sizes.
Through the strangest plants in the world these are 8 wondrous plants with amazing abilities.We will take a look at this theme on the strangeness of the world of plants.
1. Corpse flower or titan arum
Its natural habitat is Sumatra tropical forests, or large botanical gardens. This plant is known as Amorphophallus titanum. It is considered the longest flower in the world, which rises above the earth’s surface to 9.8 feet.
Credit: flickr / imgur
Also known as the flower of the corpse, because of its smell, this flower emits the smell of rotting corpse,this smell that attracts these insects.
It is considered the longest flower in the world.
This flower is huge, and looks like a chimney.

Credit: flickr
2. Sandbox tree, or Hura crepitans

Located in North America and South America. Is a tree covered with thorns, the tree drops its seeds with a high explosive sound, and the seeds receive 46 feet from the tree. So calls it a dynamite tree, its seeds grow on its long trunk and seeds have pointed heads like thorns.

This tree explodes fruit with seeds.

3. Corpse Lily, or Rafflesia arnoldii
Is the largest flower on the planet and is a beautiful flower The scenery is very huge, can grow in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia,
This flower is not like any other plant, this parasitic flower grows on the roots of its host. It has no roots or leaves of its own and grows on its host’s wooden trunk, up to 3.2 feet in diameter. Spread their scent longer to attract as many insects as possible.

The smell its decaying meat smell to attract carrion flies who pollinate it.
4. Sensitive plant or Mimosa pudicaYou can find this plant widely in the warm regions of South and Central America, it is named after the sensitive plant. The leaves of this sensitive  plant are contained and dangling as soon as they are touched or vibrated. This movement is caused by the rapid release of water from the cells on leaflets and leaves. The leaves will usually open again in a few minutes.

Source: vimeo
5. Whistling Thorn or Vachellia drepanolobium
This acacia native to Africa tree only produces a whistling sound from the bulbous of its thorns,  to keep animals away and Her “friendship” with ants.  Ants use the hollow bulbs of the thorns as their homes and make tiny holes in those bulbs.
Strange this plant.

Credit: flickr
6. Queen Victoria’s Water Lily or Victoria amazonica

This type of plant is the largest aquatic plant in the world, the air trapped in ribs gives it the ability to float and the ability to carry up to 99 pounds. The shape of a huge circular and grow amazingly to more than 8.2 feet in diameter.

Credit: flickr
Because of the huge volume you can take Snooze on them. Victoria amazonica grows in Bolivia, but you might also see it cultivated in some botanical gardens.
Credit: flickr
7. Tropical Pitcher or Nepenthes

Grows in Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and Australia, these pitcher-shaped leaves serve as passive traps. They hunt insects and digest them.

Credit: pixabay
The nectar secretes from the trap cover insects and other prey that slide from the top of the bowler and fall into a liquid pool at the bottom. The victims will sink because they are unable to escape.

Credit: flickr

And get digested by the enzymes of this plant.
A carnivorous plant.

8. Eucalyptus
These trees are able to survive. Eucalyptus leaves produce large quantities of high-combustion oils and generate a lot of energy when burned. Their burnt trunks regenerate instead of decomposing.

These trees are grown in Australia and are often grown in the United States.
Credit: pixabay

Eucalyptus used fire to spread its seeds. Shoot a large amount of seeds on freshly fertilized soil.

Credit:  Bright Side