A Malaysian-Swedish baby captures the heart of many netizens and dubbed as the most beautiful baby they have ever seen!

Children are those little creatures, and we all love innocent laughter and white heart. They are the secret of family happiness. We have also seen pictures of wonderful children shared by parents on social media. For all the precious moments of their small lives.

Sophea, this beautiful child, has begun to attract the public’s attention when her recent photos appear on social networking sites. Sophia has a beautiful pair of very beautiful eyes, with long, thick eyelashes and a high nose bridge, which are attractive features in many Asian countries.

Her smile is so beautiful that some have commented that she is the most beautiful child in the world.

The whole thing began when her Malaysian mother, 29-year-old Safoura Hamza, took pictures of a doll-like girl through her Instagram account.

Her father, 33, a Swedish native named Asadullah Stumbrys. Now Sofia lives in Sweden, with her parents. Sophea is their only child, so far.

The features of this beautiful girl of the type adored by many, Sophea became an instant star as soon as the mother upload photos on social media.

Once you see her gentle face fall in love with her.

Sophea is still a little girl, but she has long eyelashes that can make many women look after her.

As her mother likes to load her daughter’s clothes on. And her mother’s Instagram page has more than 175,000 followers.with the handle name @ctsafuraa.

Because of the current Asadullah job, the family had to migrate to Sweden.

Childhood is a white page and children have feelings of different ages, they are a symbol of innocence, honesty and spontaneity, this girl is really beautiful.