Heartbreaking – 113 cats and dogs killed in flood at Bahamas animal shelter

Hurricane Durian has flooded an animal sanctuary in the Bahamas, where more than 100 cats and dogs have died, according to the Miami Herald.
113 animals were killed in the orphanage, according to the Great Human Society of Bahama.
Although the shelter is 10 meters above sea level, it was not effective to prevent a strong storm from reaching the shelter doors.

Credit: miamiherald

Six staff members, along with three dogs, managed to survive by swimming to safety when the water dwindled through the drainage system at the shelter, after spending two hours in the roof crawling space before swimming.
“Our shelter is not habitable or monster right now.” “The urgent need is to get these animals off the island for proper medical care.” This is what Executive Director Tip Burrows told the newspaper.
Although 156 dogs and cats survived the storm, the shelter must now find a new place for them. But 113 animals were killed, a great loss and a pity.


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