Leopard attacks EVERYONE in sight after straying into village in horror footage

Credit: sinchew

Horror footage showed the monster attacking several people after being trapped.

The painful engagement between humans and animals In a video captured by a bystander, shows how recently India has suffered from a major relative conflict between the tiger and the human, the urbanization and the scarcity of the natural prey of the tiger.
This explains the increased incidence of tiger attacks in recent years.

Credit: sinchew

By accident, this tiger found himself in the city of Jalandhar, India.

And began to attack anyone within sight, as a defensive measure. A total of six people were injured and fortunately there were no deaths, the screams could be heard as the tiger leapt over a restless man, knocking him to the ground and trying to bite him.

Authorities were informed, and then followed the tiger hunt.

Credit: sinchew

In an attempt to calm the animal that was cornered, they released calming arrows and threw a net at him, and everything failed.

It took three arrows for the effects to work on the big cats and when she was unconscious, the authorities carried her to a crate and took her to a zoo near Shapir for inspection.

In this accident, miraculously, no one was seriously injured.

Watch the video:

Credit: sinchew

Credit: Viral Press