Man pays $ 350 to save 9 dogs from being sold by a meat seller

A good-hearted man prevented innocent dogs “nine dogs” from reaching someone’s dining table, when he knew the dogs were not pets and were destined to be sold as meat.
Fortunately, Sam Vanarith from Cambodia was driving and suddenly saw a motorcycle with a small cage in the back of it, and what interest him was the presence of dogs crammed into the cage. It also seems to have metal containers stacked on that person’s motorcycle, ready to cook dogs. Sam did not have the heart to ignore them, nor to bear the idea that dogs would be human food.
Sam did not hesitate to spend $ 350 for the seller before he opened the cage and left the dogs free.Dogs managed to keep their lives thanks to this dog lover, and he was happy with what he did.
The footage in this video from Viral Press shows how the dogs then penetrated into a nearby forest.
Does it make sense that some people consume dog meat?

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