Mankind at its best to help an unusual animal and kittens too!

This is now one of my favorite episodes. These type of videos give me hope in humanity. It’s so nice to see humans coming together for a good cause!. the people trying their best to save animals is so awsome. Amazing work and so heart warming. Everyone did such and amazing job.
The very best thing about this story is something unexpected happened, so it’s very reassuring to know that we still have hope for a better future, really love how people come together to save little animals. Mankind at its best.
These guys are really amazing they have a solution for every problem. So much of interest and dedication to save the animals, everybody is a hero, especially who adopt that cat may he be bless with good. I’m glad the kitten is safe and out of harms way. We can feel that this world has a very bright future!. I hope this channel never stops.
Thanks for all the people involved in the rescue!.

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