The Frostbitten Cat That Has Become the First in the World to Receive Four Prosthetic Limbs

Sometimes animals suffering permanent damage from frostbite, they remain disabled and live miserable throughout their life, if not to get rid of them to save them from pain.
Some are working on new solutions to give disabled animals a chance in normal life.
 The video of the brave cat Ryzhik, this lucky ginger face, shows him walking in a ladder with his sponge feet. An adorable cat that has lost all its feet to the frostbite is equipped with a new set of titanium feet, not everything as it was but used to the limbs over time.
Ryzhik is now the first cat in the world to walk on four Pony parties, and he is lucky to have found a good-hearted person who cares about him.He is now the only cat in Russia.
We can only wish good luck to Rizik and all the other cats that have suffered the same fate.

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