The Story Behind Matilda, The Alien Cat With Alien Ayes

Matilda. She is a normal tapie cat but has foreign-like eyes outside of this world.Matilda was born in 2013. She was adopted by a loving family after being rescued by a rescue group.
Everything was normal, and Matilda was apparently born with natural eyes, but as she grew older and older, she started “one eye from time to time.
Cat owners took Matilda to a veterinary ophthalmologist after contacting the Rescue Society to find out if any of the other cats from the litter reported any eye problems. They discovered that two of them had developed a mysterious eye condition. The doctor then said that Matilda had a condition called the “lens of luxury” that Matilda quickly showed signs of spontaneous lens luxury, just like her brothers.

The specialist explained to them that Matilda lenses have automatically separated and that she also suffers from a lack of collagen, which makes it difficult to heal from injuries and surgery. The doctor said that the pressure in her eyes is too high, causing the eyeballs to enlarge and stretch. It’s actually very painful.
This is the Mathilda puzzle.

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Matilda’s eye is perfect and she now gets eye drops to treat, but she will definitely need surgery.
Matilda became very famous in her own Instagram page, she’s perfect and beautiful.
Today, the owners are happy to report that Matilda looks good and adapts to her new fame.

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Here is a video about Matilda:

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