Top 10 Superfoods For Healthy Hair

The general health of the hair is not only the result of the use of shampoo, oils or any other external treatment, but there are many foods that contain all the essential nutrients in an appropriate amount. Here’s this list containing 10 superfoods for healthy hair.

10: Oyster

Among the basic minerals that keep your hair healthy is zinc. Among the cases that lead to hair loss, due to weak scalp change the structure of hair follicles is zinc deficiency.
If you suffer from hair loss you have the best solution for this condition is oysters. Add enough oysters to your diet because it is rich in zinc.

9: Carrot


Drinking a glass of carrot juice regularly can help hair growth, reduce its fall and improve its thickness. Because the carrots, which we knew useful for facial skin, contains a basic food component of cell growth, is vitamin A. It is a source of strong hair roots.

8: Cinnamon


Among the beneficial spices for the scalp that keeps your hair healthy is cinnamon. By adding this kind of spice to your daily diet, you will keep your hair healthy.

7: Whole Grains


The reason for fragile hair, vitamin deficiency is very important for hair growth, is biotin. Which is abundant in whole grains, milk, meat, liver, etc., eating any of these foods earns you an increase in biotin to protect your hair.

6: Guava


Vitamin C sources are many and varied, including orange, kiwi, guava and guava leaves that help eliminate hair problems and hair loss.
Guava leaves will improve the health of your scalp.

5: Salmon


Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which are very important nutrients, and especially salmon fish are very rich in this substance. You can add them to your meals list, and will keep your hair healthy.

4: Nuts

Nuts contain vitamin E, which is one of the nutrients contributing to the overall health of the scalp. It balances the level of oil and improves the blood circulation of the scalp. Adding some nuts to your meals ensures you healthy growth of your hair in good health.

3: Spinach


Among the good nutrients of the scalp we find iron, spinach contains a large proportion of these important nutrients for healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles. And improve blood circulation in the scalp.
You can take advantage of many of the good benefits of spinach, which helps in hair growth.

2: Egg

Eggs are rich in protein, and protein deficiency in hair leads to dry and fragile hair. Because the hair is made of protein. Adding eggs to your daily diet helps to correct this bad condition for your hair, and you can improve your hair health by strengthening its roots using an egg mask.

1: Indian Gooseberry


Indian gooseberry or amla oil is a good source for maintaining the health and beauty of hair. When you eat a daily meal of amla oil you will get many benefits for your hair, and scalp massage with oil hopefully improves circulation and promotes healthy scalp.
Uses oil as a food, juice or mask, keeps your hair smooth. And improves its growth, because it is a great source of vitamin c