Ukrainians flee with their cats to neighboring countries to find safety

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine three weeks ago, residents of Kyiv were urged to take up arms against Putin’s forces.

As thousands of Ukrainians begin to flee their country, many refuse to leave without their pets by their side.

Cat mom seeking safety carrying her cat tucked into her coat

Many residents wanting to avoid the fierce fight have been flooding into subways to shield themselves and their pets from the attack.

A cat dad tries to calm his terrified cat as he joins hundreds of people seeking shelter underground in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Citizens caught in the crossfire are grabbing their suitcases and their cats as they seek safety in bomb shelters or neighboring countries.

A worried cat mom with a suitcase and her cat in the carrier in Kyiv.

Others are fleeing to nearby countries. According to recent reports, Poland, Romania and Slovakia are allowing Ukrainians to bring pets across borders without veterinary paperwork.

A woman with her cat in a bag waiting with other Ukrainian citizens at the railway station in Poland.