Woman accused of shooting dog with crossbow

This story happened in A Nassau County, A dog that was found wounded in the head with an arrow and yet somehow survived.
They arrested 37-year-old carrie wilson and charged her with felony cruelty to an animal after the dog was found with an arrow lodged in his head.
This woman Wilson admitted to shooting the dog with a crossbow that her friend gave her, when she spotted the dog peeing on her car tire. The dog was not aggressive during the time of the incident.
Thankfully, after the crossbow was removed from his head he’s still the wounds healing from where the arrow entered and exited his.
Due to the medical care needed and all of the expenses, he’s happy. He is doing much better and the wound from the arrow is healing nicely.
From there, Unicorn will go on to find a loving forever home when he is ready, will be available to foster once he is medically cleared.
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